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Pre-approval is Key

Pre-approval is the next big step. Most real estate agents will tell you that getting pre-approved is key to getting the home you want.  Save your time by looking at homes you can afford.  Lenders and sellers will know you are serious about buying when it’s time to make an offer. Also, if the buyer needs to act fast, a pre-approval is necessary.  Let’s just look at this objectively.  If you are the seller with multiple offers, would you take the buyer that’s been pre-approved over the buyer without a pre-approval?

So what are you waiting for?  Let’s get you pre-approved.  This service is free of charge and with no obligation. Please complete the online form below and a pre-approval will be prepared in a timely manner.

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Any Questions or Notes?

Do you understand that due to changes in interest rates, the housing market and your credit score pre-approvals rates change over time?

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